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NIT Fellowships 2021

In the autumn of 2021, NIT offers four fellowships for a research stay at the Netherlands Institute in Turkey (Istanbul). The institute offers free accommodation for four weeks and a travel grant of up to 250 euros.

Deadline for applications: August 15, 2021

Please note: NIT may have to withdraw its 2021 fellowships or change the dates or conditions if covid-related restrictions make this necessary.

Fellowship periods

Period 1: 11 October - 7 November (2 fellowships)
Period 2: 8 November - 4 December (2 fellowships)

You can download the application form.

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply if you are:

- affiliated with a university in the Netherlands through enrollment or employment, and
- an MA/rMA student, Ph.D. student, postdoc, or a recent graduate planning further studies or research.

Research topics

The topic of your proposed research should have a connection with the mission of the institute, broadly defined as the study of the history, cultures, and societies of Turkey in past or present. Preferably, the proposed project is part of a thesis or dissertation project carried out at your home institution. Proposals to rework a thesis into a publication or to develop a dissertation proposal or grant application will also be considered.
Reports by previous fellows can be found here.


As a NIT fellow you receive:
- free accommodation for four weeks in a comfortable apartment a short walk from the institute. You have a private bedroom and share common spaces (including bathroom and kitchen) with another NIT fellow. Cleaning, internet, linen and towels are provided. On occasion and with prior notice, NIT may use the common spaces for classes, meetings or small-scall events;
- a travel grant of up to 250 euros;
- a workplace in the library of the institute (provided covid-related restrictions are lifted).

Responsibilities of the fellow

During the research stay, you are expected to contribute actively to the NIT research environment. Depending on the topic and circumstances, you may also be asked to give a presentation on the research to NIT staff, other researchers, or a larger audience. Following the research stay, you are expected to submit a short report on the work carried out at the institute.

How to apply?

An application form can be downloaded here. Please email the filled-in form to Aysel Arslan. Applications should be received by August 15, 2021.
Applications will be judged by NIT staff on academic value, feasibility of the proposed work program, fit with NIT’s mission, and expected benefits of conducting the research in Istanbul. Applicants will be notified of the decision before September 3, 2021.

More information

Please e-mail your questions to NIT Program Coordinator, Aysel Arslan.