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337 pp.

Anatolica XXXIV

2008  |  Anatolica Volume 34 2008 ISSN: 0066-1554; 34

Table of Contents

Weights and Measures in Hittite Texts
J. de Roos

Aux origines de l'ichthyomancie en Anatolie ancienne. Sources textuelles et données archéologiques
D. Lefèvre-Novaro, A. Mouton

Barcin Hüyük in the Plain of Yenisehir (2005-2006). A Preliminary Note on the Fieldwork, Pottery and Human Remains of the Prehistoric Levels
J. Roodenberg, A. van As, S. Alpaslan Roodenberg

Complex Two in the Early Bronze II Upper Town of Küllüoba near Eskisehir
Turan Efe and Erkan Fidan; with an appendix on the Faunal Remains by Can Y. Gündem

Preliminary Report from the 2005-2006 Field Seasons at Kenan Tepe
Bradley J. Parker et al.

The Hirbemerdon Tepe Archaeological Project 2006-2007. A Preliminary Report on the Middle Bronze Age 'Architectural Complex' and the Survey of the Site Catchment Area
Nicola Laneri et al.

Settlement and Landscape Transformations in the Amuq Valley, Hatay. A Long-Term Perspective
Fokke Gerritsen et al.

Tell Damishliyya Faunal Bone Report
Anna Russell and Hijlke Buitenhuis

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