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col. 229-438 pp.

Bibliotheca Orientalis LXXVI, 3/4 (2019)

2019  |  BiOr Volume 76 3/4 ISSN: 0006-1913


Eaton-Krauss, M. — Revised Editions of Two Egyptological Publications

The first section of this article compares some features (primarily but not exclusively formal) of the third edition of Barry J. Kemp’s Ancient Egypt, Anatomy of a Civilization (Routledge, 2018) to both the first (1989) and second (2006) editions. The second segment discusses how the revised edition of Aidan Dodson’s Amarna Sunset – Nefertiti, Tutankhamun, Ay, Horemheb, and the Egyptian Counter-Reformation (AUC Press, 2018) differs from the first (2009) edition.

Boer, R. de — New Insights from the Early Babylonian Period, especially concerning the Isin-Larsa wars between Erra-imittī and Sumu-El (ca. 1870-1865 BCE), a review article of CUSAS 36

In this review article, the 221 Old Babylonian letters published by Andrew George (2018) in CUSAS 36 are discussed. They stem mostly from southern Iraq covering a period of time between ca. 1880 and 1712 BCE. The most interesting group is the Sumu-El correspondence dated between ca. 1870 and 1865 BCE of which the historical and broader geo-political context during the Isin-Larsa wars is explored. As the provenance of these letters Raḫābum is proposed, an as of yet still not located town in the Larsa kingdom. For the other letters, not belonging to the Sumu-El group, efforts are made to group them together and link them to other text groups such as the Ipqu-Sîn dossier. In addition, it is proposed that a group of letters form a coherent dossier revolving around the Rīm-Sîn (1822-1773 BCE) era military officer Lipit-Ištar. The article ends with additional comments on selected letters, proposing different readings, notes, and additional bibliographical references.

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Faraonisch Egypte, Assyriologie, Taalkunde, Semitische Dialectologie, Syrië-Palestina, Hebreeuws, Dode-Zeerollen, Mandees, Oude Testament, Archeologie, Arabica, Iranica, Turcica, Islam, Centraal-Azië


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