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12 Mar 19:00

Ways of walking, ways of knowing: Heritage interactions at the Reinwardt Academy

Hester Dibbits (Erasmus University Rotterdam and Reinwardt Academy) and Christian Ernsten (Maastricht University)


12 Mar 19:00 - 20:30

The Workshops on Urban Memory Walks series, which the NIT organizes in collaboration with the Netherlands Consulate General in Istanbul, continues with its third meeting. The workshop entitled "Ways of walking, ways of knowing. Heritage interactions at the Reinwardt Academy" will be held online on March 12 at 5 pm NL time/ 7 pm Turkish time. For getting registered, please fill out the form

The Reinwardt Academy provides vocational training programs in the field of cultural heritage at both undergraduate and graduate levels, with a focus on how current societal transitions have an impact on and can be impacted by museum and heritage work. Based on real questions and real situations projects are conceptualized and discussed as cultural interventions in an ever-changing world. Heritage is approached as a result of interaction, in which the practice of discussion, negotiation, and fieldwork is important.

During this session, Hester Dibbits and Christian Ernsten will illustrate how they approach heritage in education by highlighting two examples: Emotion Networking and the project 'The Walking Residency’. Emotion networking is a method developed by the Reinwardt Academy and Imagine IC. It provides insights into the complicated interplays between emotions and interests, and between items of heritage and people. The aim is for participants to notice changes in these relationships as they observe the emotions of others and thus to become (more) aware of the complex dynamics surrounding heritage.

In 2017 Christian Ernsten and professor Nick Shepherd started the project 'The Walking Residency' at the Reinwardt Academy, enabling students and lecturers to connect places, identities, stories, climate, nature, people, and animals with each other in new ways. Together with staff and students, they explored artistic research, using walking as a methodology to engage landscapes and histories, and rethinking time, materiality, and memory.

Hester Dibbits is a lector in cultural heritage at the Reinwardt Academy and endowed Professor Historical Culture and Education, Erasmus School for History, Culture and Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Christian Ernsten is an Assistant Professor in Heritage Studies in the Department of History of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University. He is affiliated with the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation, and Heritage (MACCH). He was a lecturer at the Reinwardt Academy 2015 - 2018.