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In this section, we present you the research projects conducted within and supported by the NIT.

last updated 13 Sep 2021

Perceptions of Istanbul's Historical Monuments Survey

In collaboration with Istanbul Technical University, NIT has created a survey to understand people's perceptions of Istanbul's historical monuments. read more

last updated 28 Nov 2020

Cultural Heritage Technologies for Sustainable Cities

The Cultural Heritage Technologies for Sustainable Cities Project (2020-2021) builds an interdisciplinary network to address contemporary challenges for urban cultural heritage in fast-developing cities like Istanbul. read more

last updated 24 Jan 2023

Barcın Höyük Excavations

The Barcın Höyük Excavations Project investigates the settlement remains of an early farming community of the seventh millennium BC. The archaeological site of Barcın Höyük is located in the Yenişehir Valley in Bursa in northwest Anatolia. The excav ... read more

last updated 29 May 2019

The Feriköy Protestant Cemetery Initiative

The Feriköy Protestant Cemetery Initiative aims to preserve, document, and study Istanbul's main Protestant cemetery as an important local historic landmark. read more

last updated 12 Dec 2018

Tophane Heritage Project

The Tophane Heritage Project investigates urban change in the Tophane neighbourhood of Istanbul and the role of cultural heritage – material as well as immaterial – in processes of social, economic and physical change. The project was started by the ... read more

last updated 27 Mar 2015

Architectural Heritage of the Ottoman Balkans

This long-term research project, conducted by NIT research fellow Machiel Kiel, includes not only a full inventory of Ottoman architectural remains in southeastern Europe, but also archival research into the social and political aspects of the buildi ... read more

last updated 24 Jun 2022

Fethiye Camii as a Cultural Heritage Site

Istanbul’s religious cultural heritage includes the material remains of some thirty former Byzantine churches and chapels, which have survived in different conditions, forms and functions. The building that is called Fethiye Camii, which is located o ... read more

last updated 06 Jan 2023

Projects by NIT Fellows and Visiting Scholars (2006-2022)

From 2006 onwards, numerous junior researchers have received a fellowship from the Netherlands Institute in Turkey for a research stay in Istanbul. In addition, several senior scholars have spent periods between three months and half a year at the NI ... read more

last updated 03 Jun 2021

Machiel Kiel Photographic Archive

This project aims at the digitization and publication of the photographic archive of architectural historian Machiel Kiel. read more