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24 Jun '24 Course

Apply for NIT UHL 2024| Historic Ports, Future Cities: Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Urban Development

A graduate course organized by the Netherlands Institute in Turkey (NIT), in collaboration with Middle East Technical University (METU), and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, with the support of the Netherlands Consulate-General in Istanbul, The Historical Port City of Izmir Site Management Office, and TARKEM.

The fourth edition of the Urban Heritage Lab Autumn Course will focus on the cultural heritage of port cities.

Ports have played a key role in settlement development and cultural exchange throughout history. Linking sea and land, these coastal settlements served as hubs of trade, facilitating the exchange of goods, materials, ideas, and cultures across vast distances. The historic urban landscape of port cities often reflects traces of multiple influences, each bearing testimony to the numerous cultures that have left their mark on these urban centres with many structures such as warehouses, workshops, marketplaces, customs buildings, accommodation facilities and public buildings.


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