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23 Dec '22 General

Introducing NIT's Upcoming Fellows for Spring 2023

We are happy to announce that four new fellows will be researching at NIT in February and March of 2023.

Aslıhan Öztürk is doing her research MA in Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Her research project is entitled Material semiotics of bira: how cultural practices of Turkish youth in Istanbul effectively enact secular identities. She will conduct ethnographic and sociological research on beer consumption in Istanbul.

Alvise Cecchetti completed his rMA in Middle Eastern Studies at Leiden University. His project A comparative analysis of the evolution of cultural policies and archaeological research in the early Turkish Republic and Pahlavi Iran compares Turkey and Iran in how the perception of the past and archaeology within the state narrative evolved. 

Selin Tuzgöl is doing her MA in Middle Eastern Studies at Leiden University. Her project, Dutch Support for LGBTQ+ Communities in Turkey and the Perceived Impact on Subjective Identity: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Experiences of Istanbul’s LGBTQ+ Communities, focuses on the LGBTQ+ communities in Turkey.

Valentin Szántai is doing his rMA in History with a specialization in Ancient History at Leiden University. His research project How did the inhabitants of the province Asia negotiate their identity in the Roman Empire? focuses on various ancient sites in Turkey to understand how people formed and negotiated their cultural identity under Roman rule.