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3 Dec '18 Publication

New publication by NIT: Standplaats Istanbul

Written in Dutch for a non-specialized readership, Standplaats Istanbul offers a cultural history of Turkey through the ages. Thirty scholars representing a wide range of academic backgrounds highlight aspects of Turkey's long history. From prehistoric migrations to memories in a changing neighborhood in Istanbul, from pioneer researchers to cosmopolitan petty kings, from Hittite fables to Turkish TV-series, the book allows to reader to discover fascinating connections between periods and peoples that are normally studied and presented as separate entities. The publication of Standplaats Istanbul marks the 60th anniversary of the Netherlands Institute in Turkey.
Standplaats Istanbul (320 pages, full color, 19,95 euro) is published by Uitgeverij Jurgen Maas, and can be found in bookstores in Holland or ordered from the publisher's website.

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