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11 Feb '22 General

Researchers at NIT: Thom Brongers

Thom Brongers is currently at the NIT working on his research topic entitled Turning Tides: Climate shifts, environmental changes, and human subsistence strategies in Neolithic Yenikapı (Istanbul, Turkey) around the 8.2ka event.

Thom will investigate the impact of the climate shift and subsequent environmental changes for the Neolithic peoples of Yenikapı (Istanbul) around 8200 BP, using zooarchaeological methods, stable isotope analysis, and radiocarbon dates. He aims to understand the adaptations of animal management in the face of sea-level rise around the Sea of Marmara and the Bosporus strait, through theoretical models such as Niche Construction Theory.

During his stay at the NIT, Thom will do literature research at the library.