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6 Oct '17 General

Apply for an NIT Fellowship 2018

The NIT offers 4 to 5 fellowships for a short research stay in Istanbul.

The NIT offers 4 to 5 fellowships in 2018 to graduate students (MA, rMA, PhD) enrolled in universities in the Netherlands for a short research stay at the Netherlands Institute in Turkey (Istanbul). The institute offers up to one month of free accommodation in the institute, a work place and an inspiring research environment.

Periods and deadlines:
The fellowship periods and the relevant deadlines are the following:
Period January-April 2018 – Deadline 5 November 2017
Period May-August 2018 – Deadline 18 February 2018
Period September-December 2018 – Deadline 10 June 2018

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Photo: Dirk van der Meij