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16 Sep '15

New guest researchers at the NIT this autumn

The Netherlands Institute in Turkey is hosting two guest researchers this autumn: Richard Staring as a visiting scholar from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tanya Sieiro van der Beek as a NIT fellow from the Utrecht University.

Prof. dr. Richard Staring studied Cultural Anthropology at the Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and obtained his PhD degree in Sociology from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2001 for his research on irregular migration processes of undocumented Turkish migrants in the Netherlands. Since 2002 he is working at the Criminology department of the Erasmus School of Law (EUR, the Netherlands) studying divergent aspects of irregular migration, irregular stay and migration related (organized) crimes as human smuggling and human trafficking in the context of surveillance and control policies. From December 2011 onwards he holds a chair on Mobility, control, and crime. In his research he applies a broad range of especially qualitative methodological approaches. He is also a member of the Center for Information and Research on Organized Crime (CIROC) and editor of two Dutch peer reviewed criminological journals.

Tanya Sieiro van der Beek (1987) is visiting from Utrecht University to conduct research for her research MA thesis. The subject for this thesis is intercultural influence on the Pergamon altar. Besides the facilities in the NIT she will also travel to Pergamon/Bergama to do some on site research.

The NIT will have Michèle L. Meijer as a new fellow at the end of the autumn.