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20 Oct '15 Lecture

Revealing the Past for the Future. Fethiye Mosque and Museum as a Cultural Heritage Site in Istanbul

Mariëtte Verhoeven (RU/NIT) speaks at the Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality Conference, November 25-27, in Amsterdam

Abstract: The building that is called Fethiye Mosque is located on the fifth hill of the Istanbul’s historic peninsula in the neighbourhood of Çarşamba. It provides a good example for the multi-layeredness and palimpsestic quality of the religious architectural heritage in Istanbul and the dilemmas involved in preserving and presenting it.

In my presentation I will not only ‘read’ the building by identifying the material remains of the past that did make it into the present, I will also expose some of the memories and meanings that are attached to the building by the different groups that engaged with it.

I will show how these historical data could be deployed to reveal the complex history of Fethiye Mosque and Museum for the public and to enrich the tourist experience by using relatively new techniques such as 3-d modelling and augmented reality.

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