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‘Oriental Gods’ and Roman religious practices

Eva Mol (2014)

The project was called: Contextualizing alterity in Roman religious practices: an archaeological approach to the development, diffusion, and integration of the so-called ‘Oriental Gods’ in the Roman world. In the month I had a research fellowship at the NIT I developed this proposal in a research proposal meant for a post-doctoral application, similarly, I wrote an article on the same subject during my stay. The focus of the stay was aimed at developing one case study of the research: the Magna mater/Cybele cult, and I did both a historiographical study, as well as made a database with the objects of Cybele in Asia Minor.

It was very valuable, the research facilities were excellent, with all the time for writing and study in the quiet 24-hour library, and the collections of international institutes and the archaeological close by. This is something which can never be achieved with such speed, intensity and quality in the Netherlands. The article I have written will be published next fall, and the proposal that was made has a follow-up research with a colleague from Nijmegen, hopefully starting this summer in Rome.

Just finished PhD (defense 27th May), now applying for post-doc fellowships together with the position of lecturer at VU university and the University of Leiden.