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Soil Chemistry analysis of Neolithic floor sediments in Barcın Höyük

Konstantina Kapsali (2015)

During my stay at the NIT, in March and April 2015, I conducted research for my MA Internship on soil chemistry analysis of floor sediments in Barcın Höyük. My internship was conducted in cooperation with Koç University’s Archaeological Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Rana Özbal and my research focused on space use and everyday life activities of the Neolithic residents of Barcin Höyük. My aim was to integrate soil chemistry into the theoretical discourse about the different ways in which Neolithic farmers ‘settled down’ in the Marmara region and reach a deeper understanding of societal structure and household formation in the region.
The upgraded book collection of the NIT library allowed me to broaden my knowledge about Neolithic Anatolia, while my interaction with scholars from various disciplines was very inspiring for my future academic pursuits.