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Iranian student migration to Turkey

Judith Zijlstra (2014)

In March 2014, I had the pleasure and opportunity to stay at the NIT for 4 weeks. I received a fellowship to conduct a pilot research on Iranian student migration to Turkey.

This fellowship gave me the opportunity to do some preliminary fieldwork with Iranians, arrange meetings with scholars and participate in a conference. Thanks to the NIT, I have been able to submit a research proposal with the Dutch Scientific Organisation NWO for a four-year full-time PhD position.

Last week I had an interview with the commission, I am now one of the last competitors, and within 4 weeks I will know if I can start my PhD research! Without the fellowship and the great employees of the NIT, this would not have been possible! Especially because in the next coming years, I will regularly be in Turkey to conduct my PhD research, it would be a great setback if we loose this valuable and important institution.