Hollanda Araştırma Enstitüsü  -  Nederlands Instituut in Turkije

The Byzantine court in the Early Palaiologan period

Frouke Schrijver (2013)

The aim of my stay at the NIT was twofold: the implementation of corrections of my PhD thesis on the Early Palaiologan Court (1261-1354) and the organisation of an international symposium under the title 'Emperors, Sultans, Khans. Dynastic rulership at the crossroad of East and West. A comparative perspective' on rulership in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean (hosted by the NIT, 22 february 2013).

My stay at the NIT was hugely valuable to me, because the aforementioned symposium enabled me to intensify contact with Istanbul based researchers, who then supported my (successful) application for a TUBITAK research fellowship. My NIT fellowship thus paved the way for another year in Istanbul, a city which became very dear to me.

I am currently working at the Amsterdam city council (a temping job), but I am also writing a new research proposal and am occasionally presenting academic papers. With a new proposal I hope to be able to pursue an academic career.